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A Bollywood Dance Performance Troupe.

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Our Mission

  • To promote and preserve the Indian Arts in an original and creative manner
  • To provide a professional platform from which young individuals can nurture and enhance their talents as dancers
  • To make Indian dance, more accessible and affordable to a wide range of audiences and in doing so, become an artistic voice of our rich Indian culture and heritage
  • Instill in our dancers an enthusiasm and desire to have a positive influence within their community and to contribute to the enrichment of the greater community through live performances

About Us

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Taare - Yours in Dance , is a Bollywood dance performance troupe based in Cape Town, South Africa and consists of young, passionate and talented dancers. Founded in March 2012, the troupe itself may be new to the market; however, Taare's dancers certainly are not. Collectively, they all have several years of training and experience within their respective dance fields and specialise in genres that range from Bharatanatyam and Kathak to Hip-hop and, of course, the increasingly popular Bollywood and Folk dance! Taare's dancers have come together to achieve common goals of both pursuing their dance careers as well as providing a service to the community via the sustenance and promotion of the Indian arts.


Our vision at Taare is to provide dancers with high-quality dance instructions that foster excellence in all forms of Indian dance. Taare wishes to do so in a manner that embraces a passion and love for the art form, by bringing diverse peoples together and, in many instances, finding ‘unity in that diversity’, and, in so doing, encourage our current and future generations of dancers to learn, respect and admire our culture via the performing arts.

Our Services


At Taare, we promise to meet your specific requirements in a professional and timely fashion.

Service List

  • We offer a range of classical, folk and Bollywood dance items tailored to your specific event and personal requirements
  • We have instructors who are able to conduct dance workshops at your request and location
  • We have a variety of Bollywood dance costumes that are available for hire

Message from the founder

Since my very first performance at the tender age of 8, dance has become an integral part of my life and today, at the age of 22, it gives me great honour to have inaugurated, Taare! It is with sincere admiration for the dance form and our culture that I now lead such a dance troupe - a first of its kind in Cape Town. I envision Taare taking dance to greater heights by uniquely and creatively showcasing Indian dance to our audiences as well as providing a platform for passionate , dedicated and aspiring dancers to pursue their dance careers.

Despite suffering from a degenerative physical health disorder, pursuing dance through my choreography has indeed given me the hope and inspiration to extend beyond physical limitations and live the dream I've always had. Thus, one of my aspirations that underlie the goals of the troupe, is to inspire individuals in all walks of life to fight for their dreams , and that with sheer passion and dedication, nothing is impossible.

I have full faith in the talents and abilities of my dancers and have no doubt that further success awaits the troupe!

Yours in dance
Ahneesh Valodia – Artistic Director

Baxter Dance Festival 2014

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Posted on Facebook | Nov 25, 2014

October 2014 saw Taare perform 'An Ode to Dance' at the prestigious Baxter Dance Festival 2014.

Rhythm India Trailer

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Posted on YouTube | Jan 11 , 2015

In the build up to our upcoming production, Rhythm India, we have prepared a trailer with just a glimpse of what to expect.

Rhythm India Trailer - Behind the scenes

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Posted on Facebook | Jan 20, 2015

A look behind the scenes on the set of the Rhythm India trailer.

Contact Us

We, at Taare, encourage you to contact us with any live performance requirements, workshops, and other general queries. Kindly contact Ahneesh on 021 633 7248/083 700 6111 or via email on: ahneesh@gmail.com for any information you may require.

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7700
Tel : 021 633 7248
Cell : 083 700 6111
Email : ahneesh@gmail.com